ETF MINING, the real thing.

Established in the UAE in 2009, ETF has been a long time in the making.  For many years, ETF walked the treacherous road that innovation on an industrial scale brings. Still, it intrigued the mining industry the world over. Its deep innovation left many fascinated and inspired talent all over the world. But left even many more convinced it would never happen.  End 2014, it almost didn’t.

In 2015, ETF HOLDING BV was incorporated in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and now controls its affiliates ETF European Truck Factory GMBH and ETF FZE.  ETF also expanded its shareholder base and sanitized its balance sheet.

With renewed energy, ETF management attracted the necessary know how, teams and skillsets it urgently needed.  ETF, in its own unique ecosystem way, now encompasses executives, skills and teams on design, engineering, systems, cloud- and data-grid infrastructure and autonomous and big data algorithms. Proving itself to be a truly agile boutique mining equipment design, engineering and systems office.

As its business model imposes, it also has been working on the supply chain management to handle its future global decentralized supply chain sourcing and logistics model.

It has been one of the great joys to see the scope of talent and drive the ETF DNA, vision and blank canvas thinking is able to attract.

But most spectacularly after 8 long and difficult years, together with its loyal base of technology partners, ETF made the SK1- MT240 real.  And now, it lives.

Early 2016, as digitization, electrification and robotics progress at ever higher pace, ETF set out on a significant program of upgrading the technologies it integrates. Redefining its Mining Vehicle Platform as a combination of ETF WHEELS and ETF CONNECT. Turning what used to be a breakthrough modular truck design and F1 maintenance model into the most advanced digital and automated truck based haul platform. API enabled and ready to welcome all other applications miners might want to integrate. This is advancing at high pace and is scheduled for delivery in mines by 2022.

Top Industry specialists have now confirmed and validated the ETF value proposal. They also established that the ETF holistic and multi layered innovation approach makes it virtually impossible to mimic.  Its agility to integrate new technologies on the fly being a major factor. And its capacity to scale, think and model unconstrained by heritage another.

ETF is not only very satisfied with the results but also reassured on the uniqueness of its position as one of the very few high value quantum leap innovators out there. And perhaps the only one in haulage. To mining, it is considered a unique jewel in the crown.

Summer 2016, ETF incorporated Entreprises ETF Canada Inc in Quebec. ETF DNA may be European, its soul is global. By opting to incorporate its first overseas entity in Canada, it commits to a presence in the main hubs for mining know how, culture, innovation and industrial spirit.

Not only will ETF MINING soon have the most advanced 21st century mining vehicle platform it will also grow into a powerful lean, agile and stakeholder oriented 21st century company.

ETF is open for technologies, talent, business and partnering.

Undoubtedly, ETF MINING is the real thing. And in for the long haul.

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