The Mining Innovation

What we bring to mining

A brand new toolkit

New models

A different mentality

ETF is the shortest way to

70% $/t-Km reduction

Low to No Capex

Zero emissions – Zero accidents

Remote Control to Full Autonomous Operating

Full Electric Mining

In haulage

Bringing a remarkably fresh approach to the mining landscape, ETF is launching today’s most advanced haul platform that will release our clients from productivity, HSE and parts management constraints within their mines.

Our modular design integrates proven technology from various industries: military, aerospace and traditional haulage/trucking. The design is also ready to adapt to the newest technologies to ensure best practice at all times. Excitingly, our platform enables breakthroughs in mine design, TCO, performance and productivity. Positively impacting the overburden to ore ratio and cost of infrastructure.

We don’t sell trucks, we haul.

We don’t sell parts, we maintain.

We keep the usage of all your equipment at the highest possible levels.

Mining is a tough and hazardous business. Out there, we all face the same challenges and rely on each other for success.

ETF takes responsibility for achieving the improvements its technologies promise.

Tailoring the best formula possible. Together with you, your people and all involved.

Let us focus on creating value first. And make this sustainable by sharing that value equitably and fairly.

Who are we? Just another OEM with a funky truck? We don’t think so.

Humanity needs mining. But a different kind of it. This industry is living the end of an era and sees a new dawn. New mining lies in the alignment of interests of all involved over long periods, with the joint creation of value as a priority. For value to be shared equitably, fairly and sustainably.

ETF sees partnering, deep integration and ownership models as the main driver of its industry acceptance.

ETF Mining. In for the long haul.